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About Aqua
Image of HSB instrument

The Humidity Sounder for Brazil (HSB), a 4-channel microwave sounder provided by Brazil aimed at obtaining humidity profiles throughout the atmosphere. The HSB is the instrument in the AIRS/AMSU-A/HSB triplet that allows humidity measurements even under conditions of heavy cloudiness and haze. The HSB provided high quality data until February 2003.

Instrument Characteristics
  • Multi-channel passive radiometer for humidity profiling, consisting of four channels: 1 at 150 GHz, 3 at 183 GHz .
  • Provides atmospheric water vapor profile measurements.
  • Responsible Agency: Brazilian National Institute for Space Studies.

Instrument Facts

Heritage   Advacned Microwave Sounding Unit-B (AMSU-B)
Swath   1650 km
Spatial Resolution   13.5 km horizontal at nadir
Mass   66 kg
Duty Cycle   100%
Power   85 W (average), 154 W (peak)
Data Rate   4.2 kbps
Thermal Control By   Radiator
Thermal Operating Range   0-40° C
Field of View (FOV)   ±49.5° cross track from nadir (+90° to -49.5° for calibration)
Instrument Instantaneous FOV   1.1°
Pointing Requirements (platform + instrument, 3σ)  
Control   3600 arcsec
Knowledge   360 arcsec
Stability   74 arcsec/sec
Jitter   TBD
Physical Size   73 x 69 x 47 cm
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"HSB Scans Brazil"

On Aqua, it is particularly important to obtain humidities under overcast conditions. This artist's concept animation shows the HSB instrument measuring humidities at four levels in the atmosphere, each level indicated by a separate color.



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